In its activity CJSC VANKORNEFT, is committed to a principle of social responsibility of business towards society. The Company participates in a number of socially-oriented projects and programs at federal, regional and international levels.  

VANKORNEFT, places special emphasis on providing social and economic support in the regions where the Company has a presence, and is actively engaged in the development and improvement of cities and townships, raising of living standards in local communities, etc.  

VANKORNEFT's social policies are aimed at supporting state programs in healthcare, cultural development and sports. The Company provides financial support in holding cultural and sports events and aid to orphanages and educational institutions, veteran societies and creative teams.









Industrial Safety and Environment 

We cannot imagine the Company progressing without respect for the environment in the regions where VANKORNEFT, carries on its business activities. Along with strict adherence to international and Russian environmental rules and regulations, VANKORNEFT, places special emphasis on the protection and rehabilitation of ecological resources and strives to minimize environmental damage caused by industrial activity.  

HSE issues are one of the top priorities in the Company's industrial activity and represent an integral part of its efficient business management strategy.  

VANKORNEFT conducts its operations on a basis of optimal combination of market mechanisms, administrative measures and methods of self-control in relation to rational utilization of primary power sources, with full awareness of its responsibilities to future generations.  

In its industrial activities VANKORNEFT, firmly abides by the following guidelines: 

Minimizing environmental impact 

VANKORNEFT continuously strives to relieve development pressures on the environment that may impair ecological purity of air and water. 

Protection of natural resources  

 VANKORNEFT makes every effort to ensure minimum utilization of all natural resources – water, soil, forests and minerals. The Company consistently introduces innovations aimed at waste reduction and recycling.

Safety of production processes  

Vankorneft, conducts its industrial activities on the basis of safe technologies and production processes and maintains a state of permanent readiness for adequate and prompt response in case of an emergency at the Company’s production and processing facilities.  

Environmental rehabilitation  

VANKORNEFT constantly carries out environmental rehabilitation of anything damaged by past industrial activities, by effective use of emergency response teams equipped with the required machinery and tools for oil-spill recovery and cultivation of land.  

Concern for public interests 

VANKORNEFT is committed to openness in publicizing information on the possible impact of the Company's industrial activities on environment and population health.  

Socio-economic Co-operation with Regions 

VANKORNEFT pays particular attention to socio-economic development in regions where it operates. Effectively addressing existing needs and preventing occurrence of new problems are among the primary principles of the Company's social policy.  

Working closely with administrative authorities in the regions where the Company has a presence, VANKORNEFT, provides financing for housing construction and charity aid to socially disadvantaged sections of the population. In 2006, socially-oriented initiatives of the Company were finalized in the form of general socio-economic agreements.  


The General Agreement for Co-operation between the Company and the YNAD Administration in 2007-2009 was signed on September 2, 2006. This agreement provides for allocation of funds to help realize of socio-economic development programs for towns and villages in YNAD including housing construction, improvement and renovation of existing residential buildings, improvement and construction of sports grounds, construction of a swimming pool and Ethnic Cultural Centre, support for agricultural communities, procurement of work wear, and materials and supplies for ethnic communities.  


The General Agreement for Co-operation in 2006-2008 was signed on November 16, 2006. In 2006, under the provisions of the socio-economic agreement, construction of a Tennis Sports Centre was started and steps were taken to provide assistance to Northern native minorities, including new housing construction. Renovation of housing for retired persons was completed in the village of Varyegan. 


The General Agreement for Co-operation in 2006-2008 was signed on November 20, 2006. This Agreement provides for joint implementation of socially-oriented programs within the region, programs for environmental protection and rational use of natural resources, financing of projects for providing social aid to orphanages, schools and rest homes for senior citizens, and funding renovation works and inventory taking in hospitals.  


The General Agreement for Co-operation between the Company and the Krasnodar Territory Administration in 2007-2009 was signed in May 2007. This Agreement provides for joint implementation of socio-economic programs, joint participation in nature conservation activities and provision of support to agricultural producers. 

Careers with the Company 

Our Company views the attraction of outstanding young professionals as a priority of its HR policy.  

Every year VANKORNEFT employs hundreds of university and college graduates from all over Russia.  

The Company targets its activities in recruiting young, motivated and dynamic university and college students committed to professional development and career growth. Students undergo their practical and graduate externship training at the Company's facilities, thus gaining an opportunity to underpin their theoretical learning with practical skills. The best are offered employment with the Company after their graduation.  

To integrate young professionals into the Company's work teams better, and to facilitate their further development in line with the requirements made of all Company employees each young specialist is assigned a peer mentor.  

During their assigned 3-year work period as a "Young Professional", young specialists are afforded opportunities to develop their professional and leadership skills, realize their scientific and technical abilities and help formulate their optimal career strategies. 

The best young professionals are included in specialist and executive succession pools in the Company's various areas of activity.  

Educational Programs and Professional Upgrade Programs 

Training programs are formulated depending on their goals and attending audience, and apply various methods, forms and means of instruction. 

VANKORNEFT plans to create a system of continuous training, embracing all categories of industrial and office personnel and all levels of management – from workers and specialists to top-managers.

Highly professional and gifted employees represent a key factor in achieving VANKORNEFT strategic goals. That is why VANKORNEFT, deems it essential to provide opportunities for continuous professional development of its employees in line with business requirements and corporate culture and values employees, pursuit of knowledge, new skills and techniques.  

Learning programs under way at VANKORNEFT’:

  • Mandatory professional upgrade programs, prescribed by state regulations;
  • Technical training – training programs for skilled labour;
  • Supplementary professional upgrade programs aimed at expanding professional competencies;
  • Program for development of joint executive succession pool;
  • Programs aimed at development of young professionals;
  • Programs for communicating experience: mentoring, workshops.

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