ZAO VANKORNEFT in the production, refining, and sale of crude oil and petroleum products. Its products include car petrol, diesel fuels, fuel oil, oil aviation, base oil, oil heat-transfer medium, transmission oil, and oil turbine. In addition, the company offers orthoxylene, paraxylene, additives, industrial oil, compressor oil, motor diesel oil, oil plastifier, and cup grease,Non-ethylated car petrol and diesel fuel (Summer, Winter, Arctic grades), including the ones meeting Euro 3 and Euro 4 international standards requirements, boiler fuel, , benzene, toluene, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, technical sulfur, oxygen, road bitumen. ZAO VANKORNEFT exports its products to China, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the United States, and Japan.


Non-leaded gasoline GOST Р 51105-97
Oil mixture REBCO GOST 51 858-2002
Oil mixture REBCO GOST 9965-76
MAZUT-100 GOST 1058575
MAZUT-100 GOST 10585-99
Motor gasoline EURO-4 class ТOR 38.401-58-350-2005
Straight-run motor gasoline ТOR 38.301-20-30-2001
Diesel oil GOST 305-82
Diesel oil EURO GOST Р 52368-2005
Jet fuel GRADE 54 GOST 10227-86
Hydrocarbon liquefied fuel gas GOST Р 52087-2003
Industrial oil GOST 20799-88
Distillate oil GOST 38-301-20-12-89
Modified asphaltic road oil TOR 0256-001-05034205-2000
Asphaltic viscous road oil GOST 22245-90
Technical gas block sulfur GOST 127.1-93
Distillate wax TOR 38.1011100-87
Petrolatum TOR 38.401166-90
Vacuum gas oil TOR 38.1011304-2004
Residual component TOR 0253-002-05034205-2005
Butane cut TOR 0272-016-05034205-2007
Motor oil for auto tractor engines GOST 8581-78
Motor oil for Diesel engines GOST 12337-84
Motor oil for marine, locomotive diesel engines ТOR 38.301-41-181-2002
Universal motor oil GOST 10541-78
Motor oil GOST 6360-83
Industrial oil TOR 38.101413-97
Oil for rolling mills TOR 0253-034-00151911-06
Industrial oil ОНМЗ И-220Р(с)for heavy-duty blocks TOR 0253-179-05767887-2007
Oil И-100Р(с) for heavy-duty toothed gearings of rolling mills TOR 38.101901-2000
Oil for hydro mechanical and hydrostatic transmissions TOR 38.1011282-89
Transmission oil TM-3-18 TOR 0253-170-05767887-2004
Transmission oil TM-4-12 TOR 0253-186-05767887-2006
Transmission oil TM-5-18 TOR 0253-188-05767887-2007
Transmission oil TЭп-15 GOST 23652-79
Wax TOR 0258-284-00151526-2002
Cordage oil Torsiol-Or TOR 38.301-38-140-95
Railroad lubricant TOR 0254-013-00148820-99
Lubricant 1-13 TOR 38.401-58-142-95
Lubricant Ciatim-201 GOST 6267-74
Lubricant Ciatim-203 GOST 8773-73
Gun grease GOST 19537-83
Lubricant Uniol-2 ГОСТ 23510-79
Lubricant Uniol-2M/1 TOR 0254-183-05767887-2006
Lubricant ОНМЗ Uniol-2M/1 TOR 0254-183-05767887-2006
Lubricant ОНМЗ ЛС-1П TOR 0254-177-05767887-2007
Lubricant Litol-24 GOST 21150-87
Lubricant ОНМЗ Litol-EP TOR 0254-180-05767887-2007
Graphite grease GOST 3333-80
Solid oil lubricant grease GOST 1033-79
Solid oil universal lubricant TOR 0254-182-05767887-2007
Soild oil synthetic lubricant TOR 4366-76
Lubricant ИП-1 TOR 38.101820-80
Lubricant ШРУС-4 TOR 0254-178-05767887-2006
Coolant emulsion MP-7 TOR 0258-154-05767887-01
Technological grease СП-3 GOST 5702-75
Coolant emulsion MP-10 TOR 0258-181-05767887-2007
Emulsol ЭКЖ TOR 0258-161-05767887-2004
Protective grease Oremin-АЦ TOR 0258-150-05767887-00
Film-forming inhibited oil solution TOR 38.401-58-69-93
Protective solution Cormin TOR 38.1011159-88
Protective wax ПЭВ-74 TOR 38.101103-77
МаRustproof oil K-17 GOST 10877-76
Corrosion inhibitor Orincor-6A TOR 2415-169-05767887-2004
Water-wax dispersion ВВД-2М TOR 38.101676-82
Industrial Vaseline TOR 0255-165-05767887-03
Petrolatum (pre-pack) TOR 38.401166-90


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