In a society emerged that in the production of oil refineries sewage, atmospheric emissions, waste production caused irreparable damage to the environment. The individual being was adopted, that with every year the situation is deteriorating and close environmental crisis.

The actual state of affairs in the field of the environment at the NHP, on the contrary, with each passing year has been improved through efforts specialists and significant financial investment. A typical example is the provision of environmental issues in one of the largest oil refinery- ZAO VANKORNEFT.

Since 1997, had been substantially increased financing (- 20 million. BLR a year) in the recovery Capital repair of the main installations set of uniform for the whole northern prom. site installations biological treatment. During the CAP. Repair of the main installations- I and II stages- been installed modern system of polyethylene aeration sewage pipes.

At ZAO VANKORNEFT by 1997, was completed reconstruction mechanical treatment facilities sewage, which provided a substantially reduced pollution discharge the BFB OAO ZAO VANKORNEFT.

In 2001 to ZAO VANKORNEFT on contract with the firm "PREMBERG" (Austria) have been built and launched in operation today, consistent with the most advanced technologies in the world, mechanical treatment facilities (AIJ). office facilities at the base AIJ fully 2- H. Industrial computers.

The construction of the installation AIJ "turn-key" was spent on 21, 5 million. $. Start up new AIJ has helped to reduce the number three times pollution in from being sent to the further biological clean-up. Processes cleaning are mainly produced in the Closed Area, thus significantly reduce emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Reconstruction AIJ allowed reduce emissions of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere at 4941.4 t/year or at 78 per cent.

reducing discharges substances in the reconstruction AIJ, as well as quality major repair of major facilities BFB allow the return of treated sewage on their own water use in return consumption river water. own consumption river water has decreased in two times.

Today quality indicators sewage treatment for BFB ZAO VANKORNEFT well better performance best modern technologies both in Russia Soe countries UES. From 23 15 controlled indicators quality indicator maximum allowable sewage discharges in less than R.. White with a mixture effluents from water r. White. an indirect indicator improved environmental situation in the R. white is the emergence of R seem. White below waste-water discharges from the city and the NHP. Elders have remembers times when the r. White could always watch bright spots petroleum products upstream river within the city. Today concentration petroleum products, phenols, other pollutants in R. white are generally not exceed maximum allowable concentrations for water fisheries appointments higher category.

Pollution of the air is taking place at all stages of the technological process oil processing. The main sources of atmospheric pollution are smoke pipes technological furnaces and emissions from was parks.

Since 1995. ZAO VANKORNEFT has moved to release environmentally sound include production.

GREAT work carried out in the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. For example, in 1998, at facilities AWT was installed new vaccum system, implementation of which has eliminated education very dirty Bar- 90 (sewage) and to reduce carbon emissions at 920 tons. In 1999, at the plant was held replacement technological stoves in installation AWT- 4, which increased efficiency and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions to 40 t/year and carbon monoxide in 11 t/year. The large reservoirs petroleum and petroleum products are produced installation of pontoons, to reduce emissions of hydrocarbons.

In 2000, was withdrawn from exploitation morally and physically contribute installation 35/6, that has reduced emissions at 485 tons/year. In 2002 to a contract with his firm was built a modern South tank is. Automatisation, sealing drip- Loading railway wagons, the system vapour hydrocarbons are reducing carbon emissions to air for 193 t/year. For the past 10 years total emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere has decreased by 23420 t/year or 36 per cent.

In the part of environmental legislation in the treatment of waste production ZAO VANKORNEFT conducted more work on accounting and classify wastes generated. Draft education and accommodation wastes in the prescribed manner agreed upon and approved inspection organizations. agreed limits, the requirements for its waste management business are strictly enforced. More assistance in waste management production have specialized organizations, which shipments spent catalysts, OAO, scrap paper, scrap, worked polyethylene and so forth.

The attention of plant and companies to the environmental problems can be judged on the development financial resources to solve environmental problems. For example, in 2001, in the reconstruction and construction of new facilities were delivered more than $21.5 million. and 100 million. 651.2 capital investment. In 2002- more than 620 million. rudders, in 2003. - 251 million. In 2003.

ZAO VANKORNEFT has developed release cleaner diesel fuel with a sulphur content less 0.035%

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